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Welcome to our free AI Kitsune Names Generator. Using the tool is a breeze. Simply enter your name/idea, select your gender and let the magic unfold. In seconds, you’ll get a list of 5 unique and personalized names ensuring that it stands out from the crowd. Our generator is the perfect companion for your creative journey.

Top 10 Kitsune Male Names

1. Akihiro (Luminous Hero): A courageous and noble Kitsune warrior, Akihiro’s fiery spirit burns brighter than the rising sun he’s named after.

2. Hiroyuki (Abundant Happiness): With a heart full of joy and mischief, Hiroyuki spreads laughter wherever this charming trickster roams.

3. Kazuhiro (One Man’s Harmony): Embodying balance and inner peace, Kazuhiro’s wise counsel soothes conflicts with graceful diplomacy.

4. Kenji (Vigorous and Healthy): Fleet of foot and sharp of mind, the athletic Kenji outpaces both predator and prey with his extraordinary vitality.

5. Mamoru (Protector): As a guardian of the sacred forests, Mamoru’s stern vigilance and unwavering loyalty keep evil forces at bay.

6. Masaru (Victory): With the competitive spirit of a born winner, the confident Masaru basks in triumph after triumph.

7. Ren (Lotus): Pure, graceful, and ephemeral as the delicate bloom he’s named for, the mystical Ren awakens a sense of wonder.

8. Shigeru (To Promote Virtuousness): On an endless quest for enlightenment, Shigeru seeks the highest planes of existence through spiritual growth.

9. Takeshi (Military Warrior): Descended from an ancient lineage of fox samurai, Takeshi moves with feline ferocity on the battlefield.

10. Yori (Trustworthy): Forever true to his word and moral code, Yori exemplifies honor, faithfulness, and lifelong friendship.

Top 10 Kitsune Female Names

1. Akari (明り): The radiant kitsune whose tails blaze with celestial fire. Her presence illuminates the darkest nights.

2. Sakura (桜): With fur as soft as cherry blossoms, Sakura’s beauty enchants all who lay eyes upon her delicate form.

3. Yuki (雪): The snow-white kitsune whose icy breath can freeze the mightiest foes. Her purity is unmatched.

4. Hana (花): Flowers bloom in Hana’s wake, their vibrant petals a testament to her affinity for nature’s splendor.

5. Emi (恵美): Emi’s playful spirit knows no bounds, her mischievous tricks delighting and confounding in equal measure.

6. Rin (りん): With tails that dance like ribbons, Rin’s graceful movements captivate all who bear witness to her elegance.

7. Mei (芽衣): The kitsune whose whispers can coax the earth to life, Mei’s verdant touch brings forth lush growth.

8. Sora (空): Her celestial gaze reflects the infinite depths of the sky, inviting all to lose themselves in Sora’s heavenly allure.

9. Natsuki (夏希): The embodiment of summer’s warmth, Natsuki’s radiant presence chases away the chill of winter.

10. Akiko (晶子): With gemstone-like fur that refracts the light, Akiko’s beauty is a dazzling prismatic display.

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