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Top 10 RWBY Male Names

1. Jaune Arc: He is a clumsy but kindhearted student at Beacon Academy, determined to become a hero despite his lack of formal combat training.

2. Qrow Branwen: A skilled Huntsman and Ruby and Yang’s uncle, he is a sarcastic but loyal ally who transforms into a crow with his Semblance.

3. Sun Wukong: A carefree and mischievous Faunus from Vacuo, he fights with a bo staff and assists his friends in their adventures.

4. Oscar Pine: A farmhand who becomes the latest reincarnation of Ozpin, he must learn to balance his own identity with Ozpin’s memories.

5. Mercury Black: An assassin who works for Salem, he uses his prosthetic legs to deliver powerful kicks and harbors a dark past.

6. Lie Ren: A calm and level-headed student from Mistral, he wields martial arts and his Semblance to mask emotions in battle.

7. Taiyang Xiao Long: Ruby and Yang’s father, he is a former member of Team STRQ and a devoted single parent after the loss of his wife.

8. Neptune Vasilias: Sun’s friend and partner, he is a cool and confident student from Haven Academy who wields a rifle and trident.

9. Whitley Schnee: Weiss’ younger brother, he is arrogant and ambitious, seeking to inherit the Schnee Dust Company from his father.

10. Klein Sieben: The loyal butler of the Schnee family, he provides support and advice to Weiss and her friends when needed.

Top 10 RWBY Female Names

1. Ruby Rose: The brave and determined leader of Team RWBY, skilled with her scythe-rifle Crescent Rose.

2. Weiss Schnee: Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company, a skilled fencer with a prickly personality.

3. Blake Belladonna: A former member of the White Fang, Blake is a mysterious cat Faunus.

4. Yang Xiao Long: Ruby’s outgoing and feisty older sister with a mastery of hand-to-hand combat.

5. Pyrrha Nikos: The accomplished and kind-hearted “Invincible Girl” with a tragic fate.

6. Nora Valkyrie: Bubbly and energetic, Nora brings her mighty hammer Magnhild into battle.

7. Cinder Fall: The powerful and manipulative leader of the villainous group coven.

8. Glynda Goodwitch: A strict but skilled huntress and Beacon Academy’s combat instructor.

9. Penny Polendina: An advanced android with a warm heart and powerful combat abilities.

10. Raven Branwen: Yang’s mysterious mother who leads the bandit tribe and wields a formidable sword.

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