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Top 10 Titan Male Names

1. Hyperion
Hyperion, the Titan of light, was a being of immense radiance and power. His name derived from the Greek word meaning “the one who goes above,” reflecting his celestial nature and dominion over the sun’s brilliance.

2. Krios
Krios, the Titan of constellations and the measure of the year, was a celestial being who presided over the vast expanse of the night sky. His name signified his role as the guardian of the heavenly realms and the cycles of time.

3. Koios
Koios, the Titan of intelligence and the axis of heaven, was a formidable figure renowned for his profound wisdom and understanding of the cosmos. His name symbolized his role as the embodiment of celestial knowledge and cosmic order.

4. Iapetus
Iapetus, the Titan of mortality and the god of the life-giving west wind, was a powerful force associated with the cycle of life and death. His name evoked the fleeting nature of mortal existence and the ever-changing winds of fate.

5. Kronos
Kronos, the Titan of time and the leader of the Titans, was a formidable deity who ruled over the cosmic order and the passage of seasons. His name embodied the relentless march of time and the cycles that governed the universe.

6. Oceanus
Oceanus, the Titan of the great river encircling the earth, was a mighty being who presided over the vast waters that encompassed the known world. His name invoked the vastness and power of the oceans and the life-giving forces they contained.

7. Tethys
Tethys, the Titan of the fertile, nurturing sea, was a benevolent deity associated with the nurturing aspects of the oceans and the sustenance they provided. His name evoked the abundance and fertility of the marine realm.

8. Ophion
Ophion, the Titan of the serpentine winds and storms, was a fearsome figure whose name conjured images of coiling serpents and the fury of tempestuous gales. His domain encompassed the unpredictable forces of nature and the power of the elements.

9. Astraeus
Astraeus, the Titan of the dusk and the stars, was a celestial being who presided over the transition from day to night and the emergence of the twinkling lights in the heavens. His name embodied the mystical beauty of the night sky and the cosmic dance of the stars.

10. Pallas
Pallas, the Titan of the battlecraft and warlike pursuits, was a fearsome warrior deity whose name evoked the strength, strategy, and valor required in times of conflict. His domain encompassed the art of warfare and the glory of victory in battle.

Top 10 Titan Female Names

1. Asteria: Asteria, the Radiant Titan, wields the power of celestial light. Her mere presence illuminates even the darkest realms, inspiring hope and banishing shadows.

2. Thalassa: Thalassa, the Primordial Titan of the vast oceans, commands the tides and depths with unrelenting force. Her domain encompasses all aquatic life and mysteries.

3. Gaia: Gaia, the Titan of the Earth, is the embodiment of nature’s resilience. From her fertile womb, all terrestrial life flourishes, and her embrace nurtures civilizations.

4. Selene: Selene, the Lunar Titan, governs the celestial cycle of the moon. Her ethereal glow guides nocturnal beings and symbolizes the mysteries of the night.

5. Nephele: Nephele, the Cloud Titan, wields control over the skies and atmospheric phenomena. Her domain encompasses the ever-changing canvas of clouds and the breath of the wind.

6. Phoebe: Phoebe, the Titan of Prophecy, possesses the gift of foresight. Her cryptic visions guide mortals through the labyrinth of fate, revealing glimpses of the future.

7. Themis: Themis, the Titan of Law and Order, upholds the sacred principles of justice and equity. Her unwavering scales weigh the deeds of mortals and gods alike.

8. Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne, the Titan of Memory, safeguards the collective knowledge of the cosmos. Within her infinite mind resides the wisdom of eons, accessible to those worthy.

9. Eurynome: Eurynome, the Titan of Pastures, oversees the abundance of natural resources. Her bountiful domains sustain both mortal and divine realms with nourishing provisions.

10. Elpis: Elpis, the Titan of Hope, carries the eternal flame that ignites resilience in the face of adversity. Her unwavering presence inspires perseverance and renewed strength.

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