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Welcome to our free AI Zombie Names Generator. Using the tool is a breeze. Simply enter your name/idea, select your gender and let the magic unfold. In seconds, you’ll get a list of 5 unique and personalized names ensuring that it stands out from the crowd. Our generator is the perfect companion for your creative journey.

Top 10 Zombie Male Names

1. Zander
Zander was a former college professor who became infected during a campus outbreak. His undead thirst for knowledge remains, and he can often be found shambling through libraries, mindlessly turning pages with his decaying hands.

2. Mordecai
Mordecai was once a ruthless biker gang leader, feared by all who crossed his path. Now, as a zombie, his leathery skin and tattered clothes make him even more intimidating, though his mental faculties have been reduced to a primal hunger.

3. Jethro
Jethro was a simple farmer who tended to his crops with dedication. As a zombie, he still wanders the fields aimlessly, his overalls stained with soil and his gait unsteady, drawn by some long-forgotten muscle memory.

4. Rhamus
Rhamus was a renowned surgeon, his skilled hands saving countless lives. Tragically, those same hands now seek to rip flesh, and his once-pristine scrubs are permanently soiled with the blood of his victims.

5. Ezekiel
Ezekiel was a devout preacher, his booming voice inspiring faith in his congregation. Now, his rasping groans echo through abandoned churches, and his tattered robes hang loosely on his emaciated frame.

6. Thaddeus
Thaddeus was a celebrated artist, his paintings capturing the beauty of the world around him. As a zombie, his brush strokes have become violent slashes, and his canvas is the flesh of the living.

7. Obadiah
Obadiah was a stoic police officer, dedicated to upholding the law. In undeath, his tattered uniform and vacant stare are a grim reminder of the collapse of order during the zombie apocalypse.

8. Zachariah
Zachariah was a brilliant scientist, his mind constantly exploring the frontiers of knowledge. Now, his insatiable curiosity has been reduced to a mindless pursuit of sustenance, and his lab coat is stained with the fluids of his former colleagues.

9. Malachi
Malachi was a celebrated chef, his culinary creations delighting the taste buds of the wealthy elite. As a zombie, his once-nimble hands clumsily grasp at any flesh they can find, and his soiled apron is a mockery of his former greatness.

10. Enoch
Enoch was a humble gardener, his hands calloused from tending to the earth. In undeath, he wanders aimlessly through overgrown parks and gardens, his tattered overalls and straw hat a ghostly reminder of a more peaceful time.

Top 10 Zombie Female Names

1. Zelda Rot-Eater: Zelda was a former librarian who loved books more than life itself. In death, she craves the taste of paper and ink, often devouring entire volumes with ravenous hunger.

2. Ophelia Cadaver-Kiss: Once a beautiful socialite, Ophelia now roams the streets, leaving a trail of decaying lipstick marks on the faces of her victims as she steals their life essence with a kiss.

3. Lilith Bone-Gnawer: Lilith was a vegan in life, but in undeath, she has developed an insatiable craving for the marrow of human bones, gnawing them clean with her razor-sharp teeth.

4. Raven Flesh-Ripper: Raven was a skilled surgeon before the apocalypse, but now she uses her scalpel-like nails to rip apart the living, reveling in the sight of spilled viscera.

5. Morgana Rot-Breath: Morgana’s fetid breath can wither plants and corrode metal, making her one of the most deadly and repulsive zombies to encounter on the streets of the undead city.

6. Jezebel Grave-Dancer: Jezebel was a famous ballerina in life, and in death, she continues to dance with a macabre grace, luring victims into her deadly embrace with her hypnotic movements.

7. Siren Bone-Crusher: Siren’s powerful jaws can crush bones with ease, and her eerie wails can summon hordes of the undead to her side, making her a formidable force to reckon with.

8. Lenore Corpse-Whisperer: Lenore has an uncanny ability to communicate with the dead, commanding legions of zombies to do her bidding with a mere whisper from her decaying lips.

9. Belladonna Plague-Bearer: Belladonna’s bite is laced with a deadly virus that turns the living into writhing, agonized undead within hours, spreading the plague of the living dead wherever she roams.

10. Cassandra Flesh-Render: Cassandra’s long, sharp talons can render flesh from bone with horrifying ease, leaving a trail of mutilated corpses in her wake as she hunts for her next meal.

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