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Welcome to our free AI Kobold Names Generator. Using the tool is a breeze. Simply enter your name/idea, select your gender and let the magic unfold. In seconds, you’ll get a list of 5 unique and personalized names ensuring that it stands out from the crowd. Our generator is the perfect companion for your creative journey.

Top 10 Kobold Male Names

1. Zarthin: A cunning and resourceful Kobold renowned for his expertise in trap-making and stealth. He takes great pride in outwitting even the mightiest of foes through his ingenious contraptions and devious schemes.

2. Grakk: A fierce and battle-hardened warrior, Grakk wields his trusty spear with unmatched ferocity. His scars are a testament to the countless battles he has endured, earning him respect among his kin.

3. Nizzik: An eccentric and brilliant alchemist, Nizzik is obsessed with concocting bizarre and often explosive potions. His experiments have caused more than a few explosions in the underground tunnels.

4. Thraxx: A skilled miner and tunneler, Thraxx can navigate the most intricate and treacherous underground networks with ease. His expertise in finding hidden passages and resources is unmatched.

5. Krixil: A charismatic and cunning Kobold with a silver tongue, Krixil has a knack for manipulating and deceiving others. He often plays different factions against each other for his own gain.

6. Snarl: A feral and vicious Kobold, Snarl is known for his savage fighting style and unwavering loyalty to his pack. His piercing howls strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.

7. Zythrak: A mystic and shaman, Zythrak possesses a deep connection to the ancient spirits of the underground realms. He is revered for his wisdom and ability to commune with the unseen forces.

8. Griznix: A master trapper and hunter, Griznix can track prey through the most treacherous terrains. His ability to set intricate traps and snares has earned him a fearsome reputation.

9. Tharok: A skilled engineer and tinkerer, Tharok has a fascination with crafting intricate mechanisms and devices. His inventions, though often crude, have proven invaluable to his clan.

10. Zikzil: A cunning and opportunistic Kobold, Zikzil excels at finding valuable treasures and artifacts. He has a keen eye for spotting even the most well-hidden riches, often at great personal risk.

Top 10 Kobold Female Names

1. Zirkra: Zirkra is the cunning leader of a notorious gang of thieves. Her quick wit and mastery of stealth make her formidable.

2. Ssathri: An ancient and powerful sorcerer, Ssathri’s magic is both feared and respected among kobold clans across the realm.

3. Kyxil: Kyxil is a legendary scout and tracker whose skills have saved her clan from danger countless times over the centuries.

4. Varrja: A skilled alchemist, Varrja spends her days concocting exotic potions and poisons from rare herbs and minerals.

5. Hruvvek: Hruvvek is the fierce defender of her clan’s mines, mercilessly guarding the rich veins of ore and gemstones.

6. Nizshrix: As high priestess, Nizshrix interprets the will of the kobold gods and leads sacred rituals in their honor.

7. Trekka: An expert trapsmith, Trekka’s devious mechanical snares have foiled many would-be raiders and invaders over the years.

8. Yrrasill: Yrrasill is a talented weaponsmith whose perfectly balanced spears and javelins are prized among kobold warriors.

9. Skrizza: The fabled Skrizza is a dragonrider of unmatched bravery, bonded with her fearsome black dragon mount.

10. Vraakkra: Vraakkra is the cruel slavemaster who traffics in captured humanoids to toil in the treacherous kobold mines.

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