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Welcome to our free AI Medieval Names Generator. Using the tool is a breeze. Simply enter your name/idea, select your gender and let the magic unfold. In seconds, you’ll get a list of 5 unique and personalized names ensuring that it stands out from the crowd. Our generator is the perfect companion for your creative journey.

Top 10 Medieval Male Names

1. Alderic: A name of Germanic origin, meaning “old and wise ruler.” Alderic was a brave knight who fought valiantly in the Crusades, earning respect and admiration for his courage and honor.

2. Brychan: A Welsh name derived from the word “brychen,” meaning “freckled.” Brychan was a renowned bard whose melodic verses captivated audiences across the medieval realms.

3. Cedric: An Old English name meaning “bounty” or “munificent.” Cedric was a skilled archer and huntsman, renowned for his generosity and hospitality towards travelers and guests.

4. Egbert: A Germanic name meaning “bright with Edge,” referring to the sharpness of a blade. Egbert was a revered blacksmith whose masterfully crafted swords were sought after by kings and knights.

5. Fulbert: A French name derived from the Germanic elements “full” (meaning “people”) and “berht” (meaning “bright”). Fulbert was a respected monk and scholar, known for his vast knowledge and wisdom.

6. Godwine: An Old English name meaning “friend of God.” Godwine was a pious and virtuous man who dedicated his life to serving the church and helping the less fortunate.

7. Kenelm: An Old English name meaning “defense for the kin.” Kenelm was a young prince renowned for his bravery and unwavering loyalty to his family and kingdom.

8. Leofric: An Old English name meaning “dear ruler.” Leofric was a benevolent lord who treated his subjects with kindness and fairness, earning their unwavering loyalty.

9. Odo: A French name derived from the Germanic element “od,” meaning “wealth” or “prosperity.” Odo was a successful merchant who amassed a fortune through his shrewd business acumen and global trade ventures.

10. Ulfric: A Norse name meaning “wolf ruler.” Ulfric was a fearless Viking warrior whose strength and cunning on the battlefield were unmatched, earning him a legendary reputation among his kinsmen.

Top 10 Medieval Female Names

1. Avelina: A name of Germanic origin meaning “desired” or “wished for child.” Avelina was a courageous noblewoman known for her skill with a bow.

2. Eadburh: An Anglo-Saxon name meaning “prosperous guard.” Eadburh was a renowned healer who used natural remedies to treat the sick.

3. Gisela: A name of Germanic origin meaning “pledge” or “hostage.” Gisela was a skilled embroiderer whose intricate tapestries adorned castle halls.

4. Hildegard: A German name meaning “battle guard.” Hildegard was a respected abbess and mystic known for her visionary writings and prophecies.

5. Isadora: A Greek name meaning “gift of Isis.” Isadora was a talented minstrel whose songs captivated audiences throughout the land.

6. Leocadia: A Spanish name meaning “light” or “bright.” Leocadia was a brave knight who fought alongside her brothers in many battles.

7. Mairghread: An Irish name meaning “pearl.” Mairghread was a skilled archer known for her accuracy and precision with the longbow.

8. Petronilla: A Latin name meaning “little rock.” Petronilla was a cunning diplomat who negotiated peace treaties between warring kingdoms.

9. Theodora: A Greek name meaning “God’s gift.” Theodora was a renowned scholar who translated ancient texts and preserved knowledge.

10. Yvette: A French name derived from the Germanic name “Ivo” meaning “yew wood.” Yvette was a skilled falconer who trained hawks for hunting.

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