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Top 10 Mistborn Male Names

1. Kelsier: The charismatic and brilliant leader of the Skaa rebellion, known for his daring plans and unwavering determination to overthrow the Final Empire.

2. Elend Venture: A noble-born scholar who joins the Skaa rebellion, his intellect and idealism make him a valuable ally and eventual King.

3. Marsh: Kelsier’s half-brother, a tormented Seeker who struggles with his identity and loyalty, ultimately becoming a formidable adversary.

4. Spook: A young Skaa street urchin who grows into a powerful Mistborn, his courage and growth throughout the series are remarkable.

5. Ham: A loyal member of Kelsier’s crew, known for his brawn and skill with a weapon, his unwavering friendship is a constant.

6. Dockson: The resourceful and cunning member of Kelsier’s crew, responsible for logistics and intelligence gathering during the rebellion.

7. Breeze: A charming and manipulative Soother, his ability to soothe emotions proves invaluable during tense situations and negotiations.

8. Rashek: The Lord Ruler himself, the mysterious and powerful tyrant who ruled the Final Empire for a millennium with his Mistborn abilities.

9. Sazed: A Terrisman and former steward to Tindwyl, his wisdom, knowledge, and loyalty make him an indispensable ally and friend.

10. TenSoon: A Kandra and member of Kelsier’s crew, his shapeshifting abilities and unwavering loyalty make him a valuable asset.

Top 10 Mistborn Female Names

1. Vin: A powerful Mistborn with a traumatic past, she becomes the unlikely hero of the revolution against the Lord Ruler.

2. Kelsier: The charismatic and daring leader of the Skaa rebellion, she inspires others with her bold plans and unwavering determination.

3. Sazed: A wise and scholarly Keeper of the Terris religion, she provides guidance and counsel to the Mistborn protagonists.

4. Tindwyl: An intelligent and skilled Tineye, she uses her unique abilities to gather information and support the rebellion.

5. MaraRuth: A fierce and loyal Thug, she stands by Kelsier’s side, using her strength and combat skills to protect the crew.

6. Dockson: The shrewd and cunning Mistborn crew leader, she masterminds daring heists and plans against the Lord Ruler’s forces.

7. Spook: A young Mistborn with a growing understanding of her powers, she becomes a crucial ally in the fight against the Final Empire.

8. Beldre: A powerful Mistborn with a dark past, she struggles to find redemption and purpose in the midst of the rebellion.

9. Shan: A daring and adventurous Mistborn, she loves the thrill of using her powers and takes risks to further the cause.

10. Elend: A scholarly and idealistic woman, she becomes a reluctant leader and must navigate the complexities of the post-Katakan world.

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