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Welcome to our free AI Hyborian Names Generator. Using the tool is a breeze. Simply enter your name/idea, select your gender and let the magic unfold. In seconds, you’ll get a list of 5 unique and personalized names ensuring that it stands out from the crowd. Our generator is the perfect companion for your creative journey.

Top 10 Hyborian Male Names

1. Conan: The legendary Cimmerian warrior, renowned for his incredible strength and fearless spirit in the Hyborian Age.

2. Kull: The former exile who rose to become the powerful King of Valusia, ruling with an iron fist and a keen mind.

3. Baran: A skilled Aquilonian mercenary, feared for his deadly prowess with the sword and his cunning battle tactics.

4. Thulsa Doom: The charismatic yet sinister cult leader who wielded dark sorcery and commanded a legion of fanatical followers.

5. Khalar Singh: A mighty warrior from Vendhya, known for his mastery of the twin serpent swords and his unwavering honor.

6. Pelias: The ambitious Argossean sorcerer who delved into forbidden knowledge, seeking power at any cost.

7. Rakhir: A legendary Kushite chieftain, renowned for his prowess in battle and his leadership of his fierce tribesmen.

8. Tomas: A skilled Nemedian scout and tracker, whose wilderness skills were unmatched in the Hyborian Age.

9. Atali: The enigmatic Khitan sorcerer, whose command of ancient mystical arts struck fear into the hearts of many.

10. Zarono: A noble Zamorian prince, whose bravery and skill with the blade earned him respect across the Hyborian kingdoms.

Top 10 Hyborian Female Names

1. Valeria: A fierce and skilled warrior, Valeria was a pirate queen known for her cunning and bravery in battle. She later became the companion of Conan the Barbarian.

2. Belit: The fearless and seductive pirate queen, Belit commanded a crew of ruthless buccaneers and formed an alliance with Conan during his adventures on the high seas.

3. Zenobia: A powerful sorceress and priestess of the ancient cult of Derketo, Zenobia was renowned for her beauty and deadly mastery of the arcane arts.

4. Akivasha: The enigmatic and alluring dancer from Vendhya, Akivasha captivated many with her graceful movements and was rumored to possess mystical powers.

5. Tascela: A conniving and treacherous witch of the Zhaibar empire, Tascela used her seductive charms and sorcery to manipulate powerful men to further her ambitions.

6. Yasmina: The brave and noble princess of Khoraja, Yasmina fought against the tyrannical rule of her uncle and sought to reclaim her rightful throne with the help of Conan.

7. Muriela: A deadly and skilled assassin from the city of Zamora, Muriela was renowned for her ability to seamlessly blend into any environment and strike with deadly precision.

8. Zelata: The beautiful and enigmatic priestess of the ancient temple of Ibis, Zelata was a keeper of ancient knowledge and guarded the secrets of the past.

9. Ethralina: A fierce and cunning warrior from the Himelian Mountains, Ethralina was renowned for her skill with the bow and her unwavering loyalty to her tribe.

10. Thasmina: The seductive and mysterious priestess of the ancient cult of Set, Thasmina used her alluring charms and dark sorcery to manipulate those around her.

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