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Top 10 Hellhound Male Names

1. Cerberus: The legendary three-headed Hellhound, guardian of the Underworld. Fierce, loyal, and imposing.

2. Phlegethon: Named after the river of fire in the Underworld. His fiery breath scars even the toughest foes.

3. Hades: A powerful Hellhound bearing the name of the Greek god of the Underworld. Ruthless and unforgiving.

4. Anubis: With the head of a jackal, this Egyptian Hellhound judges the souls of the dead with his piercing gaze.

5. Kerberos: An ancient Greek variant of Cerberus, this Hellhound is known for his relentless pursuit of prey.

6. Orthrus: The two-headed brother of Cerberus, equally vicious and dangerous in his own right.

7. Garmr: Hailing from Norse mythology, this Hellhound’s bloodcurdling howls announce the coming of Ragnarok.

8. Xolotl: A Hellhound from Aztec mythology, guide of souls to the afterlife with his skeletal appearance.

9. Fenrir: The monstrous son of Loki in Norse legend, this Hellhound’s jaws can crush even the mightiest of warriors.

10. Ammit: The Egyptian devourer of souls, this Hellhound’s crocodile head strikes fear into the hearts of the unworthy.

Top 10 Hellhound Female Names

1. Inferna: Daughter of the scorching flames, her howls ignite the very air around her. Loyal to the core, yet fierce beyond measure.

2. Brimstone: Her snarls reek of sulfur, and her blazing eyes can melt even the strongest of wills. Cunning and ruthless in battle.

3. Pyralis: Fleet-footed and agile, her fiery breath leaves a trail of cinders in her wake. A relentless hunter, always on the prowl.

4. Emberwing: With wings that glow like embers, she takes to the skies, raining down fiery destruction upon her foes. Majestic and terrifying.

5. Cinders: Born from the ashes of a fallen star, her jaws can crush steel. Unstoppable force, leaving a path of smoldering ruin.

6. Hellfire: Her mere presence radiates an unholy heat, scorching the very earth she walks upon. Harbinger of untamed destruction.

7. Blaze: Swifter than lightning, her fangs drip with molten venom. A living inferno, she razes all in her path to cinders.

8. Scoria: Forged in the depths of a volcanic forge, her scales are impenetrable. Relentless guardian of the fiery depths.

9. Soulburn: Her howls sear the souls of the damned, and her gaze can reduce mortals to ashes. Embodiment of eternal torment.

10. Ashbringer: Risen from the ashes of a fallen civilization, her wrath is fueled by the echoes of past tragedies. Vengeance incarnate.

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