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Top 10 Narnia Male Names

1. Aslan: The great lion, the true King of Narnia, son of the Emperor-Over-the-Sea. He is the embodiment of courage, wisdom, and sacrificial love.

2. Peter: The High King of Narnia, eldest of the Pevensie children. A natural leader, brave, and noble, he proved himself worthy of wielding the sword.

3. Caspian: The rightful heir to the Telmarine throne, he fought to restore the Old Narnians to their rightful place and reclaim Narnia’s glory.

4. Edmund: The Just King of Narnia, he learned from his mistakes and became a loyal and wise ruler, trusted by Aslan and his siblings.

5. Rilian: The valiant son of Caspian X, he endured years of enchantment but never lost his courage or hope in the face of adversity.

6. Eustace: Initially a skeptic, his adventures in Narnia transformed him into a brave and selfless companion, always ready to lend a hand.

7. Digory: The first human to discover Narnia, he was instrumental in planting the protective tree and acquiring the magical apple that gave birth to the land.

8. Tirian: The last king of Narnia, he stood firm against the Ape’s deception and fought bravely to defend the true Narnian way of life.

9. Puddleglum: The pessimistic but loyal Marsh-wiggle, his unwavering spirit and skepticism helped his companions see through illusions and deceptions.

10. Trufflehunter: The brave and resourceful badger, he was a steadfast ally to the Pevensies and a stalwart defender of the Old Narnian cause.

Top 10 Narnia Female Names

1. Jadis: The infamous White Witch, cruel and power-hungry, who plunged Narnia into eternal winter with her dark sorcery until defeated by the Pevensie children.

2. Lucy Pevensie: The youngest of the Pevensie siblings, Lucy’s unwavering faith and pure heart made her the first to discover the wonders of Narnia.

3. Susan Pevensie: The gentle and maternal Queen Susan, renowned for her archery skills and later dismissed as “no longer a friend of Narnia” after abandoning her faith.

4. Jill Pole: A bold and adventurous girl who, alongside Eustace, embarked on a perilous quest to rescue Prince Rilian from the clutches of the evil green witch.

5. Polly Plummer: One of the first humans to witness the creation of Narnia, Polly’s curiosity and bravery led her to play a pivotal role in shaping the magical world.

6. Ramandu’s Daughter: The ethereal and enchanting star’s daughter who guided the Dawn Treader crew on their voyage, possessing ancient wisdom and celestial beauty.

7. Aravis Tarkheena: A proud and rebellious Calormene aristocrat who fled an arranged marriage, forming an unlikely alliance with Shasta on their daring escape to Narnia.

8. Prunaprismia: The ill-tempered and spoiled wife of King Miraz, whose scheming and ambition for her son’s succession nearly plunged Narnia into civil war.

9. Gwendolen: A fierce and loyal Dryad warrior who aided Prince Caspian in his struggle against the Telmarines, embodying the spirit of the Narnian woodlands.

10. Lasaraleen Tarkheena: A vain and frivolous Calormene noble, whose encounter with Shasta and Aravis opened her eyes to the true meaning of beauty and courage.

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