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Top 10 Gnoll Male Names

1. Graknar the Fearless
Graknar was renowned for his unwavering bravery on the battlefield. With a massive greataxe in his hands, he charged headlong into the fray, inspiring his fellow Gnolls with his ferocious war cries and unbreakable spirit.

2. Zharrak the Cunning
Zharrak was a master tactician, renowned for his brilliant strategies and ability to outmaneuver his foes. His sharp mind and keen intuition allowed him to anticipate enemy moves and exploit their weaknesses with deadly precision.

3. Kurgan the Relentless
Kurgan was a force of nature, an unstoppable juggernaut who never faltered in the face of adversity. His sheer determination and unwavering resolve made him a formidable opponent, and his loyalty to his pack was unshakable.

4. Verak the Bloodletter
Verak was a vicious warrior, known for his merciless fighting style and thirst for battle. His twin scimitars danced in a deadly whirlwind, leaving a trail of severed limbs and spilled blood in his wake.

5. Thragnar the Deathsinger
Thragnar was a revered shaman, capable of harnessing the dark forces of the Gnoll pantheon. His chilling chants and bone-rattling drums struck fear into the hearts of his enemies, as he summoned spirits to aid his pack in battle.

6. Kharzak the Nightstalker
Kharzak was a master of stealth and ambush, striking from the shadows with lethal precision. His keen senses and predatory instincts made him a formidable hunter, capable of tracking his prey through even the densest of forests.

7. Gorrak the Ravager
Gorrak was a living embodiment of destruction, leaving a path of utter devastation in his wake. His massive greatclub shattered bones and crushed armor with ease, and his thunderous roars struck terror into the hearts of his foes.

8. Zagrash the Bloodmoon
Zagrash was a fierce warlord, commanding legions of Gnolls with an iron fist. Under the crimson light of the Bloodmoon, his warriors descended upon their prey, unleashing a relentless onslaught of tooth and claw.

9. Thrakk the Flayer
Thrakk was a merciless interrogator, skilled in the art of extracting information through excruciating torture. His arsenal of cruel implements and sadistic methods left even the most hardened warriors broken and begging for death.

10. Kargath the Doomhowler
Kargath was a harbinger of doom, his ominous howls echoing across the battlefield like a dark omen. With each bone-chilling cry, he instilled dread in the hearts of his enemies, heralding the inevitable slaughter that followed in his wake.

Top 10 Gnoll Female Names

1. Zharka the Bloodied
Zharka earned her moniker through countless battles, her fur matted with the blood of her enemies. A fierce warrior.

2. Raskha the Cunning
Raskha’s wit is as sharp as her claws. She outmaneuvers foes with cunning tactics and surprising gambits.

3. Yarnah the Relentless
Yarnah never falters, never retreats. Her tenacity is legendary, for she fights until her last breath.

4. Makrana the Huntress
The forests are Makrana’s domain, where she tracks her prey with unmatched skill and patience.

5. Uldra the Defiant
Uldra bows to no one. Her rebellious spirit flaunts authority and challenges those who would subjugate her.

6. Zhakara the Nighthowler
Zhakara’s haunting howls chill the blood of all who hear them echoing under the pale moonlight.

7. Vraksha the Feral
Vraksha has forsaken civilization, living among the wild beasts as a primal force of nature herself.

8. Yrskava the Spiritcaller
Yrskava commune with the ancestral spirits, channeling their wisdom and power through ancient rituals.

9. Shrikka the Ravager
Shrikka revels in the chaos of battle, leaving devastation in her wake as she crushes all in her path.

10. Bharvara the Voracious
Bharvara’s insatiable hunger drives her in an endless hunt, consuming all the flesh she can seize.

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