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Top 10 Dark Souls Male Names

1. Artorias: The Abysswalker, a legendary knight who succumbed to the Abyss, his soul corrupted by the dark powers he sought to vanquish. His valiant spirit lives on.

2. Ornstein: The Dragon Slayer, a revered knight whose prowess in battle was unmatched. His lightning-infused weapons struck fear into the hearts of his foes.

3. Gwyn: The Lord of Cinder, the former ruler of Anor Londo and the one who sacrificed himself to prolong the Age of Fire, leaving a legacy that echoes throughout the ages.

4. Solaire: The Warrior of Sunlight, a kind and courageous knight whose unwavering faith in the sun’s power inspired many on their journey through the dark world.

5. Seath: The Scaleless Dragon, a brilliant but twisted creature whose pursuit of immortality led him down a path of treachery and madness.

6. Lautrec: The Embraced Knight, a deceitful and cunning warrior who would stop at nothing to achieve his selfish goals, leaving a trail of betrayal in his wake.

7. Oscar: The Elite Knight, a valiant warrior who sacrificed himself to guide the Chosen Undead on their quest, his legacy living on through his fabled Estus Flask.

8. Ingward: The Sealer of New Londo, a devoted servant of the Way of White who dedicated his life to containing the Darkwraith threat that plagued the city.

9. Siegmeyer: The Onion Knight, a jolly and endearing warrior whose unwavering spirit and determination inspired those around him, even in the darkest of times.

10. Gwyndolin: The Darkmoon Knightess, the reclusive and enigmatic child of Gwyn, who wielded the power of the Darkmoon to maintain the illusion of Anor Londo’s glory.

Top 10 Dark Souls Female Names

1. Gwynevere: Daughter of Lord Gwyn, the Princess of Sunlight, and keeper of the Lordvessel. Her radiant beauty is said to bestow bravery upon those who gaze upon her.

2. Quelana: A daughter of the Great Swamp and one of the few remaining Chaos Pyromancers. She seeks to unravel the mysteries of the Life Soul and the Abyss.

3. Priscilla: A Crossbreed born to an ancient dragon and a human, she resides in the Painted World, forever entrapped behind an illusory facade of peace.

4. Ciaran: A legendary assassin and one of the Four Knights of Gwyn. Her skill with the Tracers is unmatched, and her loyalty to Lord Gwyn unwavering.

5. Rhea: The former Mother Superior of the Tomb of the Giants, she seeks to honor the ancient duty of protecting the undead buried within its depths.

6. Gwynevere: Daughter of Lord Gwyn, the Princess of Sunlight, and keeper of the Lordvessel. Her radiant beauty is said to bestow bravery upon those who gaze upon her.

7. Yorshka: The last surviving child of Gwyn, she serves as the leader of the Darkmoon Knightesses, guardians of the Anor Londo and keepers of the Darkmoon covenant.

8. Queelag: The infamous Chaos Witch, and one of the former guardians of the Bed of Chaos. Her half-spider form is both mesmerizing and terrifying.

9. Velka: The Goddes of Sin, her true nature and motives remain shrouded in mystery. Her Pardoners roam the lands, delivering judgment upon the wicked.

10. Shanalotte: The enigmatic Fire Keeper who safeguards the Undead Asylum. Her purpose and origins are unknown, yet her guidance is invaluable to the Undead.

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