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Top 10 Voltron Male Names

1. Keith Kogane
A hot-headed but skilled pilot, Keith’s lone wolf attitude hides a compassionate heart. His bond with the Black Lion guides Voltron.

2. Shiro
The respected leader of the Paladins, Shiro’s bravery and wisdom inspire the team. His mysterious past holds the key to Voltron’s power.

3. Lance McClain
The charming and flirtatious pilot of the Red Lion, Lance’s jokes lighten the mood. His skills as a sharpshooter prove invaluable.

4. Hunk Garrett
The gentle giant of the group, Hunk pilots the Yellow Lion with strength and kindness. His engineering skills keep Voltron functioning.

5. Pidge Gunderson
The brilliant mind behind Voltron’s tech, Pidge’s intelligence belies his young age. His quest to find family drives him forward.

6. Kolivan
The stoic leader of the Blade of Marmora, Kolivan’s tactical genius aids the Paladins. His heritage holds mysteries about Voltron.

7. Slav
The eccentric genius provides vital intel, albeit at the cost of patience. His theories about alternate realities reshape reality.

8. Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe
Coran’s comic relief hides his steadfast loyalty to Princess Allura. His Altean wisdom guides Voltron’s ancient power.

9. Commander Sendak
Once Zarkon’s ruthless second-in-command, Sendak’s hatred for Voltron fuels his quest. His cybernetic enhancements make him formidable.

10. Rolo
The charming space pirate has a roguish charm that conceals his darker motives. His alliance with Voltron has unexpected consequences.

Top 10 Voltron Female Names

1. Allura: The princess of Altea and the heir to the throne, Allura is a powerful Altean alchemist who pilots the Blue Lion of Voltron. She is brave, determined, and deeply committed to defending the universe from the Galra Empire.

2. Pidge Gunderson: Also known as Katie Holt, Pidge is a tech-savvy and brilliant young woman who pilots the Green Lion of Voltron. She joined the team in search of her missing family members and proves to be an invaluable asset with her hacking skills.

3. Romelle: A member of the Altean colony on planet Pollux, Romelle is a fierce warrior and ally to the Voltron team. She overcame her initial mistrust and became a close friend to Allura, sharing her people’s history and culture.

4. Krolia: The former Blade of Marmora agent and Keith’s mother, Krolia is a skilled fighter and pilot. Despite her Galra heritage, she defected from the Empire and dedicated herself to protecting the universe from their tyranny.

5. Merla: A fearless and cunning Galra commander, Merla is a formidable adversary to the Voltron team. Her strategic mind and ruthless tactics make her a dangerous foe, driven by her ambition to rise through the ranks of the Galra Empire.

6. Ezor: A skilled acrobat and member of Lotor’s elite team, Ezor is a charismatic and unpredictable Galra soldier. Her ability to change her appearance and agility in combat make her a challenging opponent for the Paladins.

7. Zethrid: Towering in height and brute strength, Zethrid is a powerful Galra warrior who serves under Lotor. Her loyalty and ferocity in battle make her a force to be reckoned with, though her impulsiveness can sometimes be a weakness.

8. Acxa: The calm and calculated member of Lotor’s team, Acxa is a skilled pilot and strategist. Her unwavering loyalty to Lotor is matched by her determination to complete her missions, even if it means sacrificing her own life.

9. Honerva: Once known as Haggar, the former Altean alchemist turned corrupted by quintessence, Honerva is a powerful druid and the true mastermind behind the Galra Empire’s reign of terror throughout the universe.

10. Veronica McClain: Lance’s older sister and a skilled pilot in the Galaxy Garrison, Veronica plays a crucial role in supporting the Voltron team’s efforts against the Galra Empire, demonstrating her bravery and loyalty to her family and allies.

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