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Top 10 Throne of Glass Male Names

1. Rowan Whitethorn: The powerful, centuries-old Fae warrior who becomes Aelynn’s mentor and eventual mate. Fierce, loyal, and haunted by his past.

2. Dorian Havilliard: The charismatic and good-hearted Prince of Adarlan, who harbors magical abilities and a deep sense of justice.

3. Chaol Westfall: The Captain of the Royal Guard, a skilled warrior with a strong moral compass, torn between duty and desire.

4. Aedion Ashryver: Aelynn’s fiercely loyal cousin and a formidable warrior, driven by a thirst for vengeance against Adarlan.

5. Lorcan Salvaterre: A ruthless and cunning Demi-Fae warrior, initially an enemy, but later becomes an uneasy ally.

6. Arobynn Hamel: The King of Assassins, Aelynn’s former master, and a cunning, manipulative, and power-hungry figure.

7. Fenryn: A skilled and loyal Fae warrior, part of Rowan’s cadre, and a steadfast friend to Aelynn.

8. Gavin: The kind-hearted and honorable Lord of Anielle, who provides sanctuary to Aelynn and her allies.

9. Ren Allsbrook: A dashing and charming Lord, who becomes one of Aelynn’s love interests before his untimely demise.

10. Sam Cortland: Aelynn’s first love and partner in crime, who tragically meets his end, fueling her quest for vengeance.

Top 10 Throne of Glass Female Names

1. Aelin Galathynius: The powerful and fiery-haired heir to the Terrasen throne, skilled in both combat and magic.

2. Manon Blackbeak: The formidable and ruthless leader of the Ironteeth witch coven, known for her fierce loyalty.

3. Lysandra: A shifter with the ability to transform into any living creature, and a valuable ally to Aelin.

4. Elide Lochan: A courageous Lady of Terrasen who braves great dangers to protect her family and kingdom.

5. Nesryn Faliq: A skilled warrior and captain in the Rifthold guard, loyal to Aelin and her quest for justice.

6. Yrene Towers: A gifted healer with a strong sense of duty, who becomes invaluable to Aelin’s cause.

7. Kaltain Rompier: A scheming and ambitious member of the Adarlan court, driven by a thirst for power.

8. Ansel of Briarwood: A kind-hearted and brave young woman who risks everything to help Aelin and her allies.

9. Philippa Spence: A cunning and resourceful member of the assassin’s guild, with a knack for survival.

10. Remelle Blackbeak: A fierce and loyal member of the Ironteeth coven, devoted to Manon’s leadership.

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