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Top 10 Diablo Male Names

1. Deckard Cain: The last of the Horadric scholars, Deckard Cain dedicated his life to studying the forces of evil and helping heroes defeat them. His vast knowledge proved invaluable.

2. Tyrael: Once the archangel of justice, Tyrael became a mortal to walk among humanity and better understand their plight against the Prime Evils. His unwavering courage inspired many.

3. Rahim Candra: A former merchant turned adventurer, Rahim Candra fought alongside the heroes of Sanctuary, wielding powerful sorcery and cunning wit to battle the forces of darkness.

4. Kovan the Defiant: A legendary barbarian chieftain, Kovan the Defiant led his tribe in the fight against the Prime Evils, his fearlessness and battle prowess inspiring awe in friend and foe alike.

5. Jered Crest: A skilled necromancer, Jered Crest delved into the secrets of the dead to uncover ancient knowledge that could aid in the fight against the Prime Evils.

6. Kormac the Templar: A devoted member of the Templar Order, Kormac swore sacred vows to protect the innocent and battle the forces of evil, becoming a stalwart ally to many heroes.

7. Zoltan Kulle: A brilliant but misguided sorcerer, Zoltan Kulle’s quest for power led him down a dark path, but his knowledge of the Prime Evils proved invaluable before his tragic downfall.

8. Linarian the Summoner: A master of summoning ancient beings, Linarian’s power was both awe-inspiring and terrifying, as he called forth entities to aid in the fight against the Prime Evils.

9. Darius the Rogue: A cunning and skilled rogue, Darius used his stealth and agility to strike at the Prime Evils from the shadows, delivering precise and deadly blows to their minions.

10. Kanon the Crusader: A stalwart warrior of the Zakarum faith, Kanon the Crusader’s unwavering faith and skill with holy relics made him a formidable force against the Prime Evils.

Top 10 Diablo Female Names

1. Leah
The adopted daughter of the fallen Archangel Inarius and the powerful Nephalem Lilith, her tragic destiny shaped the fate of Sanctuary.

2. Andariel
Once a beautiful and powerful Maiden of Anguish, she was corrupted by the Prime Evils and became the Demon Queen of Anguish.

3. Lilith
The daughter of Mephisto and Hatred, she was the first Nephalem and the mother of humanity. Her power was unparalleled.

4. Cydaea
The Maiden of Lust, she tempted mortals with carnal desires and manipulated their deepest passions for her own agenda.

5. Auriel
The former Archangel of Hope, she was banished from the High Heavens for her love of humanity and her compassion for Inarius.

6. Maghda
The powerful Coven witch and leader of the Coven cult, she sought to bring about the return of the Prime Evils to the world.

7. Akara
The High Priestess of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, she guided heroes on their quest to defeat the Prime Evils.

8. Isis
The Sorceress of the Vizjerei Clan, she was instrumental in the battle against the Prime Evils and the Sin War.

9. Sonya
A skilled warrior and member of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, she fought alongside heroes to defend Sanctuary.

10. Adria
The enigmatic witch and mother of Leah, her true allegiance and motives were shrouded in mystery and deception.

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