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Top 10 Pathfinder Male Names

1. Alaeron: A heroic elven ranger with a deep connection to nature and a fierce loyalty to his companions. His skill with the bow is unmatched.

2. Tharivol: A cunning dwarven rogue with a penchant for finding trouble. His quick wit and lockpicking skills have saved the party countless times.

3. Kalen: A noble human paladin, devoted to upholding justice and protecting the innocent. His unwavering courage inspires allies and strikes fear into foes.

4. Zarina: A mysterious tiefling sorcerer whose arcane powers are both awe-inspiring and terrifying. His true motivations remain a guarded secret.

5. Vorak: A towering half-orc barbarian whose raw strength is surpassed only by his battle lust. Those who underestimate him soon regret their mistake.

6. Nylian: An inquisitive gnome wizard with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. His boundless curiosity has led the party into many daring adventures.

7. Taelon: A brooding elven fighter, haunted by a tragic past. His skill with the blade is matched only by his determination to right past wrongs.

8. Kanden: A charming human bard whose silver tongue and musical talents have swayed even the most hardened of hearts. He is a master of deception.

9. Rhovarn: A wise dwarven cleric whose faith is unwavering. His healing touch has saved his companions from certain death on numerous occasions.

10. Zythrin: A cunning dragonborn monk whose martial arts prowess is matched only by his tactical brilliance. He is a force to be reckoned with.

Top 10 Pathfinder Female Names

1. Amara Falconblade: A half-elf ranger with a fierce determination and a deep connection to nature. She wields a longbow with deadly precision and has a loyal wolf companion by her side.

2. Zariah Stormcaller: A human sorcerer with an affinity for the elemental power of lightning. Her spells crackle with electricity, and she is known for her quick wit and impulsive nature.

3. Lyra Nightsong: An elven bard whose enchanting melodies can inspire allies or weaken foes. She is a master of illusion magic and carries a rapier for combat when necessary.

4. Kora Ironforge: A dwarven paladin sworn to protect the innocent and uphold justice. She wears heavy armor and wields a warhammer, channeling divine energy to smite evil.

5. Nalia Shadowstrike: A half-orc rogue with a talent for stealth and subterfuge. She is skilled with daggers and excels at disarming traps and picking locks in her adventures.

6. Alia Windwalker: A gnome druid with a deep reverence for the natural world. She can shift into animal forms and wields the power of the elements in her defense.

7. Lyriana Dawnblade: A human fighter wielding a longsword that glows with radiant energy. She is a skilled tactician and leader, inspiring her allies on the battlefield.

8. Zeira Moonshadow: An elven ranger with a gift for archery and tracking. She moves silently through the wilderness, her arrows finding their mark with deadly accuracy.

9. Kalara Sunblaze: A human cleric devoted to the god of the sun. She wields a mace and can call upon divine radiance to heal allies or scorch enemies.

10. Nyraya Whisperwind: A halfling monk with incredible agility and mastery of unarmed combat. She strikes with precision, her movements like a gentle breeze before a storm.

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