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Top 10 His Dark Materials Male Names

1. Lyra Belacqua: A brave and curious young girl who embarks on an extraordinary adventure, driven by her thirst for knowledge and her unwavering spirit.

2. Lord Asriel: Lyra’s formidable and enigmatic uncle, a powerful leader whose relentless pursuit of truth takes him on a perilous path of discovery.

3. Lee Scoresby: A charismatic and skilled aeronaut, Lee’s loyalty to Lyra and his trusty daemon, Hester, make him an invaluable ally in their quest.

4. John Parry: A courageous and resourceful explorer who becomes a key figure in the battle against the oppressive forces that threaten the worlds.

5. Iorek Byrnison: The majestic and fierce panserbjørne (armored bear) king, whose honor and strength make him a formidable ally and protector.

6. Lord Boreal: A shrewd and manipulative man who operates in the shadows, driven by his own ambitions and obsession with uncovering the mysteries of Dust.

7. Will Parry: A young boy from our world who becomes entangled in the epic struggle, his bravery and determination making him a powerful force.

8. Stanislaus Grumman (Jopari): A shaman and leader of the nomadic Tartars, his wisdom and connection to the spiritual realm guide the heroes.

9. Serafina Pekkala: The regal and enigmatic queen of the witches, whose ancient knowledge and unwavering resolve aid in the fight against oppression.

10. Father Coram: A loyal and steadfast member of the Gyptian community, his fatherly guidance and support for Lyra prove invaluable in her journey.

Top 10 His Dark Materials Female Names

1. Lyra Belacqua:
Lyra is the young protagonist, a brave and curious girl whose quest takes her across multiple worlds. She possesses a powerful truth-telling device called the alethiometer.

2. Marisa Coulter:
Lyra’s mother, Marisa is a beautiful and charismatic woman who serves as the leader of the Oblation Board. She has a complex and morally ambiguous role in the story.

3. Serafina Pekkala:
Serafina is the queen of the witches of Lake Enara. She is a wise and powerful ally to Lyra, guiding her on her journey and helping her understand the nature of Dust.

4. Mrs. Lena Feldt:
Mrs. Feldt is the kind-hearted and caring landlady at Oxford who takes in Lyra and her daemon, Pantalaimon, during their time at Jordan College.

5. Mary Malone:
A former nun and physicist from the real world, Mary becomes involved in the events of the parallel worlds and plays a crucial role in understanding the nature of Dust.

6. Dame Hannah Relf:
Dame Hannah is the head of the Brytish Ruling Party and a formidable political figure. She is involved in the machinations surrounding the quest for Dust.

7. Ruta Skadi:
Ruta Skadi is a fierce and skilled warrior witch who becomes an ally to Lyra and her companions during their journey through the frozen lands of the North.

8. Juta Kamakin:
Juta is a wise and respected shaman of the Siberian Tartars. She guides Lyra and her friends, sharing her knowledge of the spirits and the Subtle Knife.

9. Bella Gaia:
Bella Gaia is a powerful and mysterious angel who plays a significant role in the events surrounding the Authority and the fate of the multiple worlds.

10. Xaphania:
Xaphania is a rebellious and free-spirited witch who becomes an ally to Lyra and her friends, providing valuable assistance in their quest against the oppressive forces.

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