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Top 10 Guild Wars Male Names

1. Rytlock Brimstone: A fierce and battle-hardened charr warrior, known for his unwavering loyalty and formidable combat skills. His fiery persona and imposing presence inspire awe and respect.

2. Logan Thackeray: A charismatic and honorable leader, Logan commands respect from allies and foes alike. His tactical prowess and commitment to justice make him a formidable force in Kryta.

3. Trahearne: A wise and enigmatic firstborn sylvari, Trahearne’s connection to the Pale Tree and mastery of nature magic make him a powerful ally in the fight against the Elder Dragons.

4. Asura Gates: A brilliant and eccentric asura inventor, Asura Gates is known for his groundbreaking technological innovations and his relentless pursuit of knowledge.

5. Caudecus Beetlestone: A manipulative and power-hungry leader of the Nightmare Court, Caudecus’ twisted ambitions and dark magic pose a grave threat to the sylvari and the entirety of Tyria.

6. Tybalt Leftpaw: A loyal and courageous member of the Vigil, Tybalt’s unwavering spirit and determination make him a valuable ally, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

7. Zojja: A feisty and skilled asura elementalist, Zojja’s mastery of elemental magic and her sharp wit make her a formidable force on the battlefield and a valuable asset to her allies.

8. Rox: A fierce and independent charr ranger, Rox’s bond with her feline companion and her expertise in survival and tracking make her an indispensable member of any adventuring party.

9. Braham Eirsson: The headstrong and impulsive son of the legendary Eir Stegalkin, Braham’s raw power and connection to the spirits of the wild make him a formidable ally in the fight against the Elder Dragons.

10. Kasmeer Meade: A charismatic and skilled mesmer, Kasmeer’s illusionary magic and quick thinking have saved her allies from countless perilous situations, earning her a reputation as a valuable and trusted companion.

Top 10 Guild Wars Female Names

1. Gwendolyn Thackeray: A brave and noble mesmer, skilled in illusions and mind magic. She leads the Shining Blade.

2. Jora: A fierce and loyal norn ranger who fights alongside her loyal pet drake, Garm.

3. Kormir: Once the mortal Spearmarshal, now the goddess of truth and the sanctified Divine Fire.

4. Livia: A cunning and manipulative mesmer with a dark past tied to the White Mantle cult.

5. Queen Salma: The beloved and wise ruler of Istan who guides her people through troubled times.

6. Cynn: A feisty and determined warrior with a hot temper who fights for the Ebon Vanguard.

7. Dzalana: A mysterious and powerful ritualist who wields dark magic and ancient bloodstone powers.

8. Mai Trin: The ruthless and ambitious leader of the Asuran Inquest determined to unlock secrets.

9. Vekk: A brilliant and inventive asuran golemancer who creates powerful magical constructs.

10. Evennia: The kind and gentle sylvari firstborn who communes with the Dream and Pale Tree.

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