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Top 10 Fullmetal Alchemist Male Names

1. Edward Elric: The brilliant and hot-headed Fullmetal Alchemist, who lost an arm and a leg while attempting a forbidden human transmutation with his brother.

2. Alphonse Elric: Edward’s younger brother, whose soul is bound to a suit of armor after their failed attempt at human transmutation.

3. Roy Mustang: The Flame Alchemist, a talented and ambitious State Alchemist with the ability to create and control flames with his alchemy.

4. Scar: A skilled Ishvalan alchemist on a quest for vengeance against State Alchemists for the destruction of his people during the Ishvalan War.

5. Maes Hughes: A cheerful and dedicated military officer, known for his unwavering loyalty and his love for his family and friends.

6. Greed: One of the homunculi who embodies the sin of greed, with the ability to reshape his body into almost anything.

7. Ling Yao: The young prince of Xing, who is seeking the secret to immortality in order to become the next emperor of his clan.

8. Van Hohenheim: Edward and Alphonse’s father, and a powerful alchemist with a long and mysterious past.

9. Alex Louis Armstrong: A muscular and boisterous State Alchemist, known for his love of sparkling and his unique artistic talents.

10. King Bradley: The leader of Amestris and the secretly homunculus known as Pride, with incredible combat abilities and ruthlessness.

Top 10 Fullmetal Alchemist Female Names

1. Riza Hawkeye: A skilled sharpshooter and loyal subordinate of Roy Mustang, known for her stoic demeanor and dedication to her duties.

2. Winry Rockbell: An automail engineer and childhood friend of the Elric brothers, with a fiery temper and a deep care for her loved ones.

3. Lan Fan: A skilled and devoted bodyguard to the Prince of Xing, Ling Yao, known for her impressive combat abilities and loyalty.

4. Izumi Curtis: A formidable alchemist and the teacher of Edward and Alphonse Elric, known for her strict training methods and nurturing nature.

5. Lust: One of the homunculi, with the ability to extend her fingernails into deadly spears, embodying the sin of lust.

6. Olivier Mira Armstrong: The imposing and no-nonsense leader of the Briggs Mountain Fortress, respected for her military prowess.

7. May Chang: A young Xingese princess and skilled alkahestry practitioner, who joins the Elric brothers on their journey.

8. Trisha Elric: The loving and kind-hearted mother of Edward and Alphonse Elric, whose untimely death set their journey in motion.

9. Sheska: A bookworm and former military officer, known for her vast knowledge and love for reading and research.

10. Maria Ross: A dedicated and honest member of the military police, who becomes embroiled in a conspiracy against the Elric brothers.

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