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Top 10 Evil Male Names

1. Malthus
Malthus, a name derived from the word “malevolent,” is a fitting moniker for this sadistic overlord. His reign of terror spans centuries, and his thirst for power knows no bounds. Malthus revels in the suffering of others, taking perverse pleasure in breaking the spirits of even the strongest.

2. Belragoth
Belragoth, the Scourge of the Seventh Realm, is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of mortals. This ancient demon lord commands legions of twisted minions, each more grotesque than the last. His insatiable hunger for souls has left entire worlds barren and lifeless.

3. Zarthos
Zarthos, the Betrayer, earned his epithet through a series of calculated betrayals that toppled empires and left millions dead in his wake. His cold, calculating demeanor masks a ruthless ambition that knows no bounds, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his nefarious goals.

4. Mordrak
Mordrak, the Bane of the Eternal Flame, is a shadowy figure whose very existence is a blight upon the world. His unholy powers corrupt and wither all they touch, leaving only desolation and despair in his path. Those who cross his path are forever cursed to suffer unimaginable torment.

5. Thanatos
Thanatos, the Harbinger of Death, is a name that invokes dread even among the most hardened warriors. This grim reaper of souls delights in the anguish of the dying, savoring every last gasp of life before consuming their essence. His arrival heralds the end of all hope.

6. Xanatos
Xanatos, the Architect of Ruin, is a master strategist whose intricate machinations have brought entire civilizations to their knees. His vast intellect is matched only by his insatiable hunger for power, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his twisted ambitions.

7. Kragoth
Kragoth, the Devourer of Worlds, is a cosmic entity of immense power and malevolence. Entire galaxies have been consumed by his insatiable hunger, leaving nothing but void and darkness in his wake. He is the embodiment of oblivion, and his coming heralds the end of all existence.

8. Zethron
Zethron, the Defiler, is a name that conjures images of unspeakable depravity and cruelty. His acts of defilement know no bounds, and he takes perverse pleasure in desecrating even the most sacred of sites. Those who cross his path are subjected to unspeakable tortures that shatter the mind and soul.

9. Vyrthok
Vyrthok, the Scourge of the Abyss, is a demonic force of unimaginable power and malice. His mere presence corrupts and twists all it touches, transforming once-vibrant realms into nightmarish hellscapes. Those who dare oppose him are subjected to agonies beyond mortal comprehension.

10. Urgath
Urgath, the Eternal Tyrant, is a name that has been whispered in fear for eons. His iron fist has crushed countless rebellions, and his merciless rule has left entire worlds broken and subjugated. Urgath’s thirst for dominance knows no bounds, and he will stop at nothing to conquer all that exists.

Top 10 Evil Female Names

1. Maleficent
The dark fairy’s heart was consumed by jealousy and vengeance, casting a curse on an innocent princess.

2. Hela
The ruthless goddess of death from Norse mythology, she seeks to conquer the realms with her undead army.

3. Lilith
In ancient folklore, Lilith was Adam’s first rebellious wife who turned her back on Eden to become a demon.

4. Lamashtu
A terrifying demoness from Mesopotamian myths who steals and devours infants with her lion’s head and talons.

5. Hecate
The Greek goddess of witchcraft, she roams graveyards under the moonlight accompanied by her pack of howling dogs.

6. Morgan le Fay
The jealous sorceress and half-sister of King Arthur who used her magic to bring ruin to the kingdom of Camelot.

7. Elvira
The Mistress of the Dark who delights in the macabre, summoning spirits and ruling over her haunted realm.

8. Bayonetta
This bewitching witch unleashes hellish powers through her hair, battling angels with a barrage of gunfire.

9. Ayida-Weddo
The serpentine voodoo spirit who poisons victims with her venomous golden hair, dragging their souls to the grave.

10. Akasha
The ancient queen of all vampires whose awakening threatens to plunge the world into an eternal bloodbath.

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