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Welcome to the AI-Powered Navi Name Generator, the ultimate tool for creating unique and authentic male and female Navi names from the Avatar universe. Our website uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to analyze patterns and characteristics of existing Navi names, ensuring that each generated name is both unique and true to the language and culture of the Na’vi people.

How to Use

Simply choose your desired gender and click “Generate” to instantly receive a list of 5 striking and memorable Navi names.

If you’re not satisfied with the first name generated, simply click “Generate” again to see more options. You can generate as many names as you like until you find the perfect one for your needs.


Most Popular Navi Names

  1. Neytiri: The name of the fierce and compassionate Na’vi princess who falls in love with Jake Sully. Neytiri embodies the strength and grace of her people, making her name a popular choice for female characters.

  2. Tsu’tey: A skilled warrior and the next in line to become the Omaticaya clan leader, Tsu’tey’s name represents bravery and loyalty. This name is often chosen for male characters who demonstrate these admirable qualities.

  3. Mo’at: The wise and spiritual Tsahìk (shaman) of the Omaticaya clan, Mo’at’s name is associated with wisdom, guidance, and a deep connection to Eywa. This name is popular for female characters in leadership roles.


Top 10 Navi Names

  1. Kirina: A name that combines the elements of “Kìr” (together) and “Ina” (look), symbolizing unity and vision. This name is perfect for a female character who brings people together and has a clear sense of purpose.

  2. Ralu: Derived from “Ralu” (surround), this name implies protection and support. It’s an excellent choice for a male character who is a guardian or a loyal friend.

  3. Seze: A name that comes from “Seze” (blue flower), representing beauty and resilience. This name suits a female character who thrives in the face of adversity and radiates inner strength.

  4. Txantslusam: Combining “Txan” (much) and “Tslusam” (understand), this name suggests great wisdom and insight. It’s fitting for a male character who is a knowledgeable advisor or a spiritual guide.

  5. Nayumi: A blend of “Nayu” (love) and “Mì” (in), this name signifies a loving and nurturing nature. It’s perfect for a female character who is caring and supportive of others.
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