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After you’ve create your unique Mortal Kombat name, it’s time to bring your character’s story to life with the iconic Mortal Kombat intro.

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Are you ready to enter the arena and fight for glory? From the classic heroes like Scorpion and Sub-Zero to the fierce newcomers, find the name that will strike fear into your opponents’ hearts. Step into the realm of Mortal Kombat and unleash your inner fighter with our name generator today!

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Simply choose your desired gender and click “Generate” to instantly receive a list of 5 striking and memorable Navi names.

If you’re not satisfied with the first name generated, simply click “Generate” again to see more options. You can generate as many names as you like until you find the perfect one for your needs.


Most Popular Mortal Kombat Names

  1. Scorpion: Born Hanzo Hasashi, Scorpion is a legendary ninja who seeks vengeance for the death of his family and clan. His iconic spear and fiery attacks make him a formidable opponent in the Mortal Kombat universe.

  2. Sub-Zero: A master of ice and cold, Sub-Zero is a cryomancer who hails from the Lin Kuei clan. His freezing abilities and unmatched martial arts skills have earned him a reputation as one of the most powerful fighters in the realm.

  3. Raiden: As the God of Thunder, Raiden is a guardian of Earthrealm and a mentor to many of the Mortal Kombat warriors. His lightning-based attacks and teleportation abilities make him a force to be reckoned with in any battle.


Top 10 Mortal Kombat Names

    1. Blaze: A fiery warrior with the ability to manipulate flames, Blaze is a formidable opponent who can incinerate his enemies with ease. His scorching attacks and blazing speed make him a force to be reckoned with in the Mortal Kombat universe.

    2. Frost: A female cryomancer with the power to freeze her opponents, Frost is a cold and calculating fighter who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Her icy demeanor and chilling abilities make her a dangerous adversary in any battle.

    3. Knightfall: A dark and mysterious warrior clad in armor, Knightfall wields a powerful sword and possesses incredible strength and agility. His enigmatic presence and deadly precision strike fear into the hearts of his opponents.

    4. Venom: A deadly assassin with the ability to secrete toxic poison, Venom is a stealthy and lethal fighter. His venomous attacks and quick reflexes make him a formidable foe in the Mortal Kombat arena.

    5. Quake: A master of earth-based attacks, Quake can manipulate the ground beneath his feet to create devastating earthquakes and rock formations. His raw power and unyielding determination make him a true force of nature.

    6. Tempest: A fighter with the power to control wind and weather, Tempest can summon powerful gusts and lightning strikes to overwhelm her opponents. Her unpredictable and chaotic fighting style makes her a wild card in any battle.

    7. Shadowstrike: A ninja with the ability to blend into the shadows, Shadowstrike is a master of stealth and deception. His swift and silent attacks can catch even the most skilled fighters off guard.

    8. Firefly: A warrior with the power to control light and energy, Firefly can dazzle and disorient her opponents with blinding flashes and searing beams. Her radiant presence and luminous attacks make her a shining star in the Mortal Kombat universe.

    9. Rogue: A rebellious fighter with a wild and untamed spirit, Rogue is a master of improvisation and adaptability. His unorthodox fighting style and quick thinking make him an unpredictable and dangerous opponent.

    10. Nightshade: A mysterious warrior with the power to control darkness and shadows, Nightshade is a master of the unseen. Her ability to strike from the shadows and manipulate the battlefield makes her a formidable adversary in any fight.
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