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Top 10 Wheel Of Time Male Names

1. Rand al’Thor: The Dragon Reborn, a powerful ta’veren caught up in the struggle against the Dark One. His destiny is to face the Last Battle.

2. Perrin Aybara: A wolf brother with the ability to talk with wolves. He leads the defenders of the Two Rivers against the Shadowspawn.

3. Mat Cauthon: A mischievous gambler and unwitting ta’veren. He possesses memories of past lives and commands armies in the Last Battle.

4. Lan Mandragoran: The uncrowned king of Malkier and Warder to Moiraine Damodred. He is an exceptional swordsman with a tragic past.

5. Thom Merrilin: A gleeman and master storyteller who becomes a valuable ally and mentor to the young protagonists on their journey.

6. Logain Ablar: A powerful false Dragon who is eventually humbled and joins forces with Rand against the Shadow.

7. Elyas Machera: A gruff and solitary wolf brother who helps guide Perrin in understanding his abilities and connection to wolves.

8. Gawyn Trakand: The eldest son of Morgase and a Warder trainee. His love for Egwene and jealousy of Rand complicates his life.

9. Mazrim Taim: A false Dragon who becomes the leader of the Asha’man (male Aes Sedai). His true allegiance is a constant source of tension.

10. Rhuarc: A skilled Aiel clan chief who becomes one of Rand’s closest allies and advisors, helping him understand the Aiel ways.

Top 10 Wheel Of Time Female Names

1. Egwene al’Vere: The powerful Amyrlin Seat who led the Aes Sedai through the Last Battle. She was stubborn, determined, and a skilled dreamwalker.

2. Nynaeve al’Meara: A fierce and temperamental Wisdom from the Two Rivers who became one of the most powerful Aes Sedai of her age.

3. Aviendha: A proud Wise One of the Aiel who played a crucial role in teaching the Aes Sedai about the lost Talent of Traveling.

4. Elayne Trakand: The strong-willed and intelligent Daughter-Heir of Andor, who also became one of the most powerful Aes Sedai.

5. Min Farshaw: A unique woman with the ability to see auras and glimpses of the future, she was a close ally to Rand al’Thor.

6. Moiraine Damodred: The mysterious and enigmatic Aes Sedai who helped guide Rand al’Thor on his journey as the Dragon Reborn.

7. Siuan Sanche: The former Amyrlin Seat who was deposed but later played a pivotal role in the White Tower’s struggle against the Seanchan.

8. Faile Bashere: The hardy and spirited wife of Perrin Aybara, she was a skilled hunter and leader in her own right.

9. Cadsuane Melaidhrin: The legendary and formidable Aes Sedai who helped train Rand al’Thor and keep him focused on his mission.

10. Lanfear: A powerful and seductive Forsaken who was obsessed with Rand al’Thor and posed a significant threat throughout the series.

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