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Top 10 Naga Male Names

1. Kivika: A name that means “brave warrior” in the Ao Naga language, fitting for a fearless leader of his tribe.

2. Thongliu: Derived from the word “thong” meaning “hill” and “liu” meaning “stone,” symbolizing strength and resilience.

3. Khrielakuo: A melodic name from the Angami Naga tribe, meaning “one who walks with grace and dignity.”

4. Zaneingam: Signifying “protector of the village” in the Sema Naga dialect, reflecting the guardianship role.

5. Methouselü: An intriguing name from the Rengma Nagas, meaning “blessed one who lives long and prosperous life.”

6. Khrieprasuo: A name that translates to “one who shines brightly like the sun,” from the Chakhesang Naga tribe.

7. Thepfuvelie: Meaning “warrior of the dawn” in the Lotha Naga language, representing the spirit of a new beginning.

8. Zakieingam: From the Ao Naga community, it means “one who brings peace and harmony to the land.”

9. Lhourahrie: A unique name from the Konyak Nagas, meaning “one who leads with wisdom and foresight.”

10. Khriehunyü: Translating to “blessed child of the mountains” in the Angami Naga language, representing a deep connection with nature.

Top 10 Naga Female Names

1. Akashi: A fierce warrior known for her unwavering courage on the battlefield, Akashi led her tribe to victory against invaders.

2. Imali: With a voice that could enchant the mightiest of beasts, Imali was a revered storyteller and keeper of ancient lore.

3. Nisha: Blessed with an extraordinary gift for healing, Nisha’s gentle touch could mend the most grievous of wounds.

4. Raimu: A skilled archer whose arrows never missed their mark, Raimu was renowned for her precision and stealth.

5. Kiyara: Possessing a rare connection with nature, Kiyara could communicate with the spirits of the forest and animals.

6. Zalina: A master of the serpent’s dance, Zalina’s mesmerizing movements were said to entrance even the most stoic hearts.

7. Anahi: With a mind as sharp as her blade, Anahi was a brilliant strategist who led her people to countless victories.

8. Lilia: A talented sculptor, Lilia’s intricate carvings brought to life the stories and myths of her ancient culture.

9. Malini: Blessed with the gift of foresight, Malini’s prophetic visions guided her tribe through times of great adversity.

10. Zarina: A fearless explorer, Zarina ventured into uncharted territories, uncovering lost treasures and ancient secrets.

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