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Top 10 Maze Runner Male Names

1. Thomas: The brave and resourceful protagonist who leads the Gladers in their quest to escape the Maze. Determined and loyal, he never gives up hope.

2. Newt: Thomas’s second-in-command and closest friend, known for his sarcasm and unwavering loyalty. He’s a voice of reason in the Glade.

3. Minho: The talented and courageous Keeper of the Runners, responsible for exploring the ever-changing Maze. He’s tough but fair.

4. Gally: The hot-headed and antagonistic leader of the Builders, initially opposed to Thomas’s actions. He eventually becomes an ally.

5. Alby: The former leader of the Gladers, stern but protective. He’s burdened with the weight of keeping the Gladers safe.

6. Chuck: The youngest and most innocent of the Gladers, forming a close bond with Thomas. His optimism is a source of hope.

7. Winston: The Keeper of the Slicers, responsible for providing food. He’s gruff but essential to the Glade’s survival.

8. Frypan: The skilled and good-natured Keeper of the Cooks, responsible for feeding the Gladers. His humor lightens the mood.

9. Zart: The Keeper of the Track-hoes, overseeing the Glade’s agricultural efforts. He’s hardworking and dependable.

10. Jeff: The Keeper of the Med-jacks, responsible for tending to the injured. His medical expertise is invaluable.

Top 10 Maze Runner Female Names

1. Teresa Agnes: A gifted young woman with a strong connection to Thomas, she plays a pivotal role in uncovering the truth about WICKED and the Maze Trials.

2. Brenda: A tough and resourceful survivor from the Scorch, she becomes a trusted ally and love interest for Thomas in their fight against WICKED.

3. Harriet: The no-nonsense leader of Group B in the Scorch Trials, she is fiercely loyal to her group and willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

4. Sonya: A former member of Group B, she becomes a valuable ally to Thomas and his friends, providing crucial information about WICKED’s operations.

5. Aris Jones: A strong-willed and intelligent member of Group B, she forms a close bond with Thomas and helps him navigate the challenges of the Scorch.

6. Rachel: A kind-hearted member of the Resistance, she helps care for the Immunes and provides emotional support to those struggling against WICKED.

7. Beth: A brave and resourceful member of the Resistance, she plays a key role in the fight against WICKED and the search for a cure for the Flare virus.

8. Mary Cooper: The enigmatic and powerful leader of WICKED, she orchestrated the Maze Trials in an effort to find a cure for the Flare virus.

9. Miyoko: A skilled fighter and member of the Resistance, she helps train and prepare the Immunes for their final confrontation with WICKED.

10. Alby’s Mother: Although not named in the series, Alby’s mother’s sacrifice and love for her son serve as a powerful motivator for his actions in the Maze.

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