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Top 10 Lich Male Names

1. Zarthor the Deathless
Zarthor was once a powerful necromancer who sought immortality through forbidden rituals. His twisted experiments led him down a path of darkness, transforming him into a dreaded Lich. His skeletal form is adorned with tattered robes and ancient runes, radiating an aura of decay.

2. Azkeldor the Eternal
In his mortal life, Azkeldor was a brilliant scholar obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the afterlife. His pursuit of knowledge led him to commit unspeakable acts, ultimately resulting in his transformation into a Lich. His intellect is matched only by his ruthlessness and hunger for power.

3. Kaldrath the Undying
Kaldrath was a mighty warlord who feared neither death nor defeat. When his armies were on the brink of annihilation, he turned to dark magic, sacrificing his own humanity to become a Lich. His skeletal form is adorned with the tattered banners of his former glory, and his unholy presence strikes fear into the hearts of mortals.

4. Morindor the Dreadlord
Morindor was once a respected archmage, renowned for his mastery of the arcane arts. However, his thirst for power and knowledge led him down a path of corruption, eventually transforming him into a Lich of immense power. His hollow eyes burn with an eerie green flame, and his very presence causes the air to grow cold and heavy.

5. Xarthosis the Eternal Scourge
Xarthosis was a merciless tyrant who ruled with an iron fist. When his empire crumbled, he turned to dark rituals to preserve his immortality, becoming a Lich of unimaginable cruelty. His skeletal form is draped in tattered robes, and his bony hands wield a twisted staff that radiates unholy energy.

6. Vordrakul the Soulreaver
Vordrakul was once a devoted servant of a dark god, performing unspeakable sacrifices in exchange for power. When his deity abandoned him, he embraced the path of the Lich, consuming the souls of the innocent to sustain his twisted existence. His hollow gaze is haunted by the echoes of the damned.

7. Zethros the Deathweaver
Zethros was a brilliant but arrogant wizard who sought to unravel the mysteries of life and death. His hubris led him down a dark path, and he willingly embraced the transformation into a Lich, believing it would grant him immortality and limitless knowledge. His skeletal form is adorned with arcane runes and twisted sigils.

8. Ankhrazen the Dread Lich
Ankhrazen was a powerful necromancer who delved too deep into the forbidden arts, unleashing a plague that ravaged his homeland. In a desperate bid for survival, he sacrificed his humanity, becoming a Lich of immense power. His hollow gaze is filled with the echoes of the suffering he has caused.

9. Thaurivus the Undying Lord
Thaurivus was a cunning and ambitious nobleman who sought to extend his reign indefinitely. When his mortal life neared its end, he turned to dark rituals, sacrificing countless souls to become a Lich. His skeletal form is draped in tattered finery, a twisted mockery of his former opulence.

10. Vargoth the Soulbinder
Vargoth was a renegade mage who delved into the darkest corners of the arcane, seeking to harness the power of souls. His experiments led him down a path of corruption, transforming him into a Lich of immense power. His hollow gaze burns with the echoes of the souls he has enslaved, and his presence is a harbinger of doom.

Top 10 Lich Female Names

1. Necrania: A powerful Lich sorceress whose undead form radiates an aura of dark magic. She roams the Blackmire Swamps, luring unsuspecting adventurers to their doom.

2. Zylithara: Once a high elf priestess, Zylithara embraced the path of the Lich to prolong her life and arcane mastery. She now dwells in an ancient elven ruin, commanding legions of undead.

3. Maleficia: Consumed by her thirst for knowledge, Maleficia sacrificed her mortal body to become a Lich. She now guards a vast library of forbidden tomes in her shadowy catacombs.

4. Vylora: A tragic figure, Vylora’s love for her deceased husband drove her to pursue lichdom. She now haunts the crypts where his body lies, eternally guarding his remains.

5. Syrena: Once a beautiful sea witch, Syrena’s transformation into a Lich has twisted her appearance into something monstrous. She commands a sunken ship filled with drowned undead.

6. Nightbane: A powerful necromancer who embraced the path of the Lich to extend her reign of terror. She commands an army of skeletal warriors from her obsidian tower.

7. Valkyrja: A fallen Valkyrie who sought lichdom to escape the embrace of death. She now roams the Frostfell, leading her undead horde against the living.

8. Morghanna: A seductive Lich who uses her dark charms to lure victims into her clutches. She dwells within a haunted manor, surrounded by her enthralled undead servants.

9. Phyrexia: A twisted Lich whose body has been fused with metal and arcane machinery. She seeks to convert all life into her unholy techno-undead creations.

10. Nyx: A mysterious Lich who has existed since the dawn of time, her true origins and motives shrouded in darkness. She is worshipped by a cult of necromantic fanatics.

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