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Top 10 Giant Male Names

1. Brokkthor the Mountainsplitter
Brokkthor stands over 20 feet tall, his rippling muscles carved from solid granite. His booming voice can shake the very foundations of the earth, and his footsteps leave craters in his wake. Wielding a massive stone club, he is a fearsome sight on the battlefield.

2. Gorlach the Frostbeard
Hailing from the icy peaks of the Northern Ranges, Gorlach’s beard is a tangled mass of icicles and frozen beard hair. His breath forms clouds of freezing vapor, and his touch can freeze flesh to the bone. Despite his chilling demeanor, he is fiercely loyal to his clan.

3. Krullgar the Thunderclap
When Krullgar stomps his feet, the ground trembles, and thunder rumbles in the distance. His massive frame is constantly surrounded by crackling arcs of electricity, and his war cry can deafen those who hear it. In battle, he wields a colossal maul infused with lightning’s power.

4. Thordak the Worldbreaker
Few Giants can match the sheer destructive force of Thordak. His very presence causes tremors and earthquakes, and his rage is capable of shattering mountains. With fists like boulders, he can pulverize even the most formidable opponents into dust.

5. Grummar the Evergreen
Grummar’s body is covered in a thick layer of moss and vines, and his hair resembles a tangled canopy of branches. He has a deep connection with nature, and his mere footsteps cause plants and trees to flourish in his wake. His wooden club is imbued with the power of regrowth.

6. Kragnar the Flamesculptor
Kragnar’s body radiates intense heat, and his very breath is a scorching furnace. He can mold molten rock and metal with his bare hands, shaping it into deadly weapons or intricate sculptures. His fiery gaze can melt even the strongest steel.

7. Urgath the Bonecrusher
Urgath’s skeletal frame towers over even the largest Giants, his bones as hard as adamantine. His massive fists can shatter the hardest materials, and his bony protrusions make him a walking weapon. His piercing gaze can freeze the bravest of warriors in their tracks.

8. Voltrax the Stormcaller
Voltrax’s body crackles with electrical energy, and his mere presence can summon raging storms and hurricanes. His voice booms like thunder, and his lightning-infused hammer can split the skies with each strike. He revels in the raw power of nature’s fury.

9. Groknar the Earthshaker
Groknar’s footsteps cause the very ground to tremble and shift. He can manipulate the earth itself, raising or lowering the terrain at will. His massive stone gauntlets can level entire cities with a single punch, and his roar can create fissures and sinkholes.

10. Karrgar the Metalborn
Karrgar’s body is a living forge, his skin glowing with molten heat. He can manipulate and shape any metal, crafting weapons and armor with his bare hands. His iron fists can shatter the strongest alloys, and his fiery gaze can melt through solid steel.

Top 10 Giant Female Names

1. Thundra Steelcrusher
A towering giantess with skin like chiseled granite and hair like molten lava. Her booming voice shakes the earth.

2. Willow Mountainborn
Long ivy tresses frame her kind face. Though massive, she moves with delicate grace among the peaks she calls home.

3. Garra Stormfist
Jagged scars crisscross her muscular arms, testimony to the ferocity with which this battleborn giantess wields her fists.

4. Amalthea Frostsong
Her melodic voice carries ancient chants that can freeze foes in their tracks. Hair and beard like spun icicles.

5. Eira Stonedelver
Calloused hands and piercing eyes mark this grizzled miner’s veteran status. Her stony glare alone could crush rock.

6. Bruna Dawngreeter
Each morning her booming call rouses the giants from slumber to watch the first rays crest over distant peaks.

7. Ingrid Skyreacher
Towering high above even her giantkin, Ingrid’s massive frame is dwarfed only by the lofty mountain summits she climbs.

8. Freydis Avalancheborn
Her thunderous footfalls shake loose snowdrifts as she forges paths through frozen peaks where none dare follow.

9. Runa Rootsinger
This gentle giantess’ deep voice coaxes seeds to sprout and flora to bloom with ancient arboreal hymns.

10. Hilda Windchanter
Astride her winged steed, Hilda’s ethereal songs guide giants through treacherous mountain wind currents.

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