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Top 10 Fallout Male Names

1. Nate
A rugged and determined survivor, Nate’s unwavering spirit and tactical prowess have earned him a reputation as a formidable ally in the wasteland.

2. Arthur Maxson
As the enigmatic leader of the Brotherhood of Steel, Arthur Maxson commands respect with his unwavering dedication to preserving technology and order.

3. Robert Joseph MacCready
A former gunner turned mercenary, MacCready’s sharp shooting skills and mercenary attitude make him a valuable asset in the unforgiving wasteland.

4. Paladin Danse
A battle-hardened soldier, Paladin Danse’s loyalty to the Brotherhood of Steel is matched only by his fierce determination to protect the innocent.

5. Nick Valentine
A synth detective with a heart of gold, Nick Valentine’s relentless pursuit of justice and his razor-sharp wit make him a beloved figure in Diamond City.

6. John Hancock
The charismatic and defiant mayor of Goodneighbor, John Hancock’s rebellious spirit and commitment to freedom have made him a legendary figure.

7. Deacon
A sly and enigmatic member of the Railroad, Deacon’s quick wit and tactical genius prove invaluable in the fight against the Institute’s oppression.

8. Preston Garvey
As the leader of the Minutemen, Preston Garvey’s unwavering commitment to protecting the people and his inspiring leadership have rallied many to his cause.

9. Edward Deegan
A ruthless and cunning raider boss, Edward Deegan’s reign of terror has left a trail of destruction and misery in his wake across the Commonwealth.

10. Father (Shaun)
The elusive and brilliant director of the Institute, Father’s ambitions and moral ambiguity have made him a complex and controversial figure.

Top 10 Fallout Female Names

1. Sarah Lyons: A passionate and resolute Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, she led the Lyon’s Pride squad with unwavering determination, fighting to protect the citizens of the Capital Wasteland.

2. Amata Almodovar: The daughter of the Overseer in Vault 101, Amata was the childhood friend of the Lone Wanderer. Her rebellious nature and loyalty made her a valuable ally.

3. Cait: A fiery and foul-mouthed former member of the Combat Zone in Boston, Cait’s journey of redemption and overcoming her addiction to psycho made her a compelling companion.

4. Curie: An eccentric and inquisitive Miss Nanny robot who underwent a remarkable transformation into a human synth, her thirst for knowledge and compassion endeared her to many.

5. Piper Wright: The outspoken and fearless reporter for Diamond City’s newspaper, Piper’s investigative skills and dedication to uncovering the truth made her a valuable asset.

6. Moira Brown: An eccentric and enthusiastic researcher in Megaton, Moira’s thirst for knowledge often led to dangerous and unorthodox experiments, but her optimism was infectious.

7. Veronica Santangelo: A former Brotherhood of Steel scribe, Veronica’s curiosity and open-mindedness made her question the Brotherhood’s ways, leading her to join the Courier’s journey.

8. Lily Bowen: A kind-hearted and protective grandmother who was also a nightkin, Lily’s endearing personality and formidable combat skills made her a beloved companion in the Mojave Wasteland.

9. Magnolia: The sultry and charismatic singer at The Third Rail in Goodneighbor, Magnolia’s captivating voice and mysterious past added depth and intrigue to her character.

10. Madison Li: A brilliant and dedicated scientist at the Commonwealth Institute of Technology, Madison’s unwavering commitment to finding a cure for the Forced Evolutionary Virus drove her actions.

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