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Top 10 Elder Scrolls Male Names

1. Ulfric Stormcloak: The fiery Nord leader of the Stormclloaks, fighting for Skyrim’s independence from the Empire he once served.

2. Martin Septim: The long-lost heir to the Ruby Throne, whose divine blood allowed him to banish Mehrunes Dagon.

3. Nelkir: The young son of Jarl Balgruuf, struggling to find his place in a war-torn Whiterun.

4. Lucien Lachance: The spectral Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood, guiding its adherents in the veneration of Sithis.

5. Divayth Fyr: An ancient Telvanni wizard, unaging and eccentric, he commands a wealth of forbidden knowledge.

6. Uriel Septim VII: The last Emperor of the Septim dynasty, whose death marked the Empire’s decline.

7. Mannimarco: The dreaded King of Worms, master necromancer seeking to unravel the secrets of immortality.

8. Sheogorath: The Mad God, whose chaotic whims disrupt the laws of nature and sanity itself.

9. Vivec: The warrior-poet immortal of the Tribunal, revered by the Dunmer as a god among mer.

10. Wulfharth: The legendary Ash King, said to have breathed the fiery Sun’s Death across all Tamriel.

Top 10 Elder Scrolls Female Names

1. Aela the Huntress:
Aela is a fierce and skilled huntress, known for her unwavering loyalty and dedication to her companions. She leads with courage and has a deep respect for nature’s balance.

2. Serana:
Serana is an ancient vampire with a mysterious past. She possesses immense power and a sharp wit, yet her heart remains pure, seeking redemption and a chance to break free from her cursed existence.

3. Lydia:
Lydia is a devoted housecarl, sworn to protect and serve her Thane with unwavering loyalty. She is a skilled warrior, with a dry sense of humor and a deep sense of honor.

4. Delphine:
Delphine is a cunning and resourceful Blade, dedicating her life to protecting Tamriel from the threat of dragons. Her determination and strategic mind make her a formidable ally and a dangerous foe.

5. Karliah:
Karliah is a skilled thief and assassin, with a tragic past that haunts her. Despite her dark profession, she possesses a strong moral code and fights for justice against those who wronged her.

6. Aela the Huntress:
Aela is a fierce and skilled huntress, known for her unwavering loyalty and dedication to her companions. She leads with courage and has a deep respect for nature’s balance.

7. Vex:
Vex is a sarcastic and sharp-tongued thief, known for her skills in lockpicking and stealth. Despite her abrasive exterior, she is fiercely loyal to her guild and those she trusts.

8. Astrid:
Astrid is the charismatic and cunning leader of the Dark Brotherhood. Her manipulation and ruthlessness are matched only by her devotion to the Dread Father and the sanctity of the ancient assassins’ guild.

9. Mjoll the Lioness:
Mjoll is a fearless and principled warrior, dedicated to eradicating corruption and injustice wherever she finds it. Her unwavering sense of honor and determination make her a formidable ally and a force for good.

10. Irileth:
Irileth is a fierce and respected housecarl of Whiterun, known for her skill in battle and her unwavering devotion to her city and its people. Her wisdom and strategic mind make her an invaluable asset in times of conflict.

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